We All Made a Big Mistake....
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  • JxmyHighroller

    Happy birthday Kobe 🐍

    • Cool Vin
      Cool Vin


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      Kyle Gaming TV


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      Majin Records

      algone.info/slow/video/kIu5rJyXm5qmzYE Mamba mentality song

    • Gleeso21

      Everyone leave the likes

    • Anthony3 D
      Anthony3 D



    Kobe was untouchable

  • Oof McNuggets
    Oof McNuggets

    mo pete mo problems

  • Refeared

    anyone know the name of the song at the start of the video???


    I mean he did still get 21 dropped on him and a quarter of his points which isn’t a small number but Mo Pete should have gotten more blame

  • Aazib Abdullah
    Aazib Abdullah

    January 4, 2021. Damian Lillard has been enshrined in the "I GOT TORCHED HALL OF FAME" Stephen Curry's 62 point game.

  • Robino WB
    Robino WB

    Morris will hate your guts if this goes viral

  • Abdullah Bin Umar Ansari
    Abdullah Bin Umar Ansari

    If you like it 3:52

  • Luke Cash
    Luke Cash

    Lol at least Rose isn't Imhoff. That's just about the most unflattering association a basketball player could ever have.

  • Jimmy the G.O.A.T
    Jimmy the G.O.A.T

    "That boy Mo Pete"😂

  • Brayden Rehutai
    Brayden Rehutai


  • Alexander Cooney
    Alexander Cooney

    The bench learned from Bird and the hawks bench, they look like they sitting in Church after a night at the strip club.

  • Alexander Cooney
    Alexander Cooney

    Haha everyone says he put 81 on Jalen cause JALEN is always in tv making jokes about how Kobe dropped 81 on him,.. haha the man could have faded out but he sticks it to himself

  • Souvik Dey
    Souvik Dey

    so that's why V.Carter slapped him!!!

    • The Wit One
      The Wit One

      And got him ejected

  • Blinkz _
    Blinkz _

    We not gonna talk abt jalen mr. I got 81 points dropped on my head-rose wasn’t he supposed to be a lockdown 🤣

  • Tolly Gig
    Tolly Gig

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  • Tolly Gig
    Tolly Gig

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  • Tolly Gig
    Tolly Gig

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  • Lee Kootala
    Lee Kootala

    Kobe scored more points on Morris Peterson than Jalen Rose that night, just sayin.

  • - Roxas -
    - Roxas -

    Tbh they all weren't playing that bad. It was just kobe playing out of his mind

  • Kai Aguilar
    Kai Aguilar

    Kobe was only great because he copied someone great

  • ob1KENob Junior
    ob1KENob Junior

    This makes that Kobe and Jalen commercial even funnier now!!

  • yahil rivera
    yahil rivera

    “Just trying not to lost hes job”IM DEAD JAJAJAJAJA

  • iiSerpentKing

    To be fair, I wouldn’t be able to hold Koby to 45 points a game. So I’d be pretty proud of it too.

  • ItzCeja0826

    Jalen “The Ambassador” Rose

  • Weary Kawhi
    Weary Kawhi

    The chart makes it worse lmao

  • Teodor Hristev
    Teodor Hristev

    I really want to know the name of the song in the beginning

  • notproxyl

    0:38 No Kobe IS the best shooter in nba history

  • GeeFzo

    Idk any of these goofies except kobe

  • Bingus D'bappo
    Bingus D'bappo

    4 ad breaks? yeah i’m blocking this page.

  • TylerISGOOD


  • JohnsGames

    Not me realizing Kobe drawing so many dumb ass fouls before anyone else

  • Avery Young
    Avery Young

    “No Pete, mo problems” 😂

    • Avery Young
      Avery Young

      Mo Pete sorry autocorrect is dumb

  • Jared Banks
    Jared Banks

    I'll never forget waking up in the morning to go to school and seeing "Bryant: 81pts" on the ESPN ticker. I was like nah that has to be an error. Mo Pete was that dude back in the day.

  • John Elway
    John Elway

    Mo Pete a raptors legend. Put some respect on his name.

  • Ginger VS Ginger
    Ginger VS Ginger

    6:03 2 weeks later?

  • André Walker
    André Walker

    Honestly Jalen brought it on himself because he told the story of purposely injuring Kobe in the finals, I thought it was Kobe getting revenge for that

  • Givens Raymond
    Givens Raymond

    Wow so he's dogged on by association

  • King CSG
    King CSG

    Those 81 olives prolly hit different...


    5 months after watching this, I made a hypothetical question. If the so-called Kobe Stopper (Rueben Patterson) was in the same Raptors roster when he dropped 81, will he actually surpass Wilt's 100 points? Cause Patterson and Mamba have beef, just sayin'

  • Adrien Pinard
    Adrien Pinard

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  • N.N Cubing
    N.N Cubing

    Lets just say kobe made toronto look like 8 year olds playing against Kobe Bryant

  • the brooklyn way
    the brooklyn way

    Who did david robinson torch for his 71?

  • Quinn Donaldson
    Quinn Donaldson

    2 pts off fast break.. kobe really dropped BUCKETS

    • Calvin Zimmerman
      Calvin Zimmerman

      Ngl I feel like Kobe just low key waited for someone to guard him that way he could just embarrass them

  • eric the red
    eric the red

    Dude was a traffic cone the whole time

  • The3pleThreat

    A lot of GOAT and greatest scorer of all time comments here. I have been watching the NBA since 1991. For those not familiar with Kobe's career, it took him 3 years just to get into the team, and got swept by Mavs while a 2 time Champ in 11 (the same team LBJ lost to in Finals) and a gentleman's sweep in his last playoff run by OKC the following year (The team LBJ beat) and spent the last 4 years of career not making the playoffs... Let that sink in... As for scoring, there are at least 10 players who are more efficient than Kobe, with majority of them currently still playing. He is not the Greatest of All Time, but an Elite player with an amazing work ethic. Just like with MJ, people forget about the failures and just want to promote his Mamba mentality and killer instinct and don't see the fact that both could only win with coach Jackson. The stats show that he was inefficient, and for some here its time to go back and look at the games and the numbers and to revaluate your comments..

  • Red King
    Red King

    Chris bosh was also on this team but Lebron haters will make u think he was Giannis

  • Mac 'N Cheese
    Mac 'N Cheese

    0:19 This Kobe team that year vs Lebron's team that year that made it to the finals, who has the worse supporting cast? (Lebron made it to the finals that year I think)

  • Renjolo Bagunu
    Renjolo Bagunu

    hahaha poor jalen rose

  • Renjolo Bagunu
    Renjolo Bagunu

    this game was 15 years ago

  • Chicocee

    Today 15 years ago he did this

  • Tony Robinson
    Tony Robinson

    So in other words, it was jalen rose PLUS the Raptors then... Nah I like 81 being scored on Jalen Rose better😂💯

  • Renjolo Bagunu
    Renjolo Bagunu


  • J Lian
    J Lian

    Who said Jalen Rose is only remmbered as that guy? You making news man

  • Eli Malek
    Eli Malek

    I didn’t even know Jalen was on that team I just knew it was the Raps

  • WhyHighC

    I’m pretty sure I’ve seen this video before Chris Bosh was on Club Shay Shay, and I still didn’t notice he was on this team.

  • June 14 2034
    June 14 2034

    When u said "it never happened" i thought u meant he never scored 81

  • Makhaip

    6:04 he messed up the year.

  • Manuel Mendes
    Manuel Mendes

    4:36 that Fastbreak dude really locked Kobe down only 2 pts scored on him



  • Shannon Christ
    Shannon Christ


  • Kaden Kulukhon
    Kaden Kulukhon

    7:20 I mean it’s better than anyone else who guarded Kobe

  • abdullahi ahmed
    abdullahi ahmed


  • 7sluts

    Y’all bad

  • Ammar Hafeez
    Ammar Hafeez

    Jalen Rose talked shit.....that's why he gets blamed, if he shut his mouth I doubt many people would criticize anyone because it was literally just Kobe being great.

  • MrClebophd

    I never liked Kobe as a player, but he could score like few others. On the other hand, he shot more than anyone else. He leads the league in total missed shots too. Given this, there must be a game where he performs very well just by simple statistical variation. You can roll a lot of dice, and find very impressive streaks. There will also be streaks of an impressive number of misses. So, can you find the low scoring game of Kobe? Or at least the low percentage scoring game? Some people are seduced by the total scoring totals. Who has the most impressive game, (a) 20 points on 12 shots, or (b) 50 points on 50 shots?

  • Alex Barrameda
    Alex Barrameda

    5:47 That got me dying 😂😂😂

  • Ciggie Smalls
    Ciggie Smalls


  • Cpt. Obv
    Cpt. Obv

    Jimmy props for making such high quality content on ALgone. You’re a real one

  • Kizzle Dizzle Fn
    Kizzle Dizzle Fn

    TBH this raptors team was kinda stacked

  • Adebobola Victor Afe
    Adebobola Victor Afe

    Who else paused the video at 0:20 to look at Kobe's Teamates

  • ej barro
    ej barro

    we’ve been giving jalen nightmares for no reason. Although he was part of it, dude got it tough

  • Claire Sinclair
    Claire Sinclair

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  • LaBalla

    And Mo Pete wore 24

  • Mathew Omolo
    Mathew Omolo

    they all got 81

  • Just A Rock Watching Youtube
    Just A Rock Watching Youtube

    Just realized that kobe scored 81 on my 1st birthday

  • John Lemon
    John Lemon

    What’s the song name

  • Mico

    I've just realized that you posted this video on 8.24

  • Teemu Sintonen
    Teemu Sintonen

    RIP Black Mamba

  • cancelled account
    cancelled account

    Bruh January is my birthday

  • Joshua Mendez
    Joshua Mendez

    This is one of those moments that you know exactly where you were when you watched his happen

  • Nickolas Hesson
    Nickolas Hesson

    "This video is paid for and sponsored by Jalen Rose."

  • DB Wallnut
    DB Wallnut

    What about Devin Booker dropping like 70

  • Vryyz.

    Talk about being wrongfully accused lol

  • _hooplife_dj

    Also the coach refused to double team Kobe. I mean that would’ve at least made it harder to score. Mayb he would’ve jus ended up wit 60 😂 idk but refusing to double team him def was a bad idea

  • Stan Song
    Stan Song

    Sheriff Richard Giardino from Fulton County, New York discussed his disagreement with Gov. Cuomo's holiday restrictions on 'The Evening Edit.' Watch the full interview, here: algone.info/slow/video/oIyys6t6gHV7l30

  • VIZON-ARY productions
    VIZON-ARY productions

    jalen was good at best ... and yes kobe scored 81 off him and eventhough you made a video about this nobody cares because his name is more popular than mo pete.

  • stop that
    stop that

    Man I miss Kobe


    I honestly never even knew jalen rose played on the raptors let alone be the one who guarded Kobe for parts of that game

  • Carl

    7:29 LMAO

  • DFTA (Don't Feed The Animals)
    DFTA (Don't Feed The Animals)

    I always wondered why Jalen was hesitant to fight the story, but never seemed to fully agree with it. Now I know he just didn't want to throw his teammate under the bus.

  • Micheal Kelly
    Micheal Kelly

    Make a vid about Kobe and Jamison both having 50+

  • Jucc

    Hey I mean this is just a thought but, maybe Mo Pete is why Kobe changed his number to 24. Maybe Kobe knows who's responsible too.... 👀

  • Joshua Howard
    Joshua Howard

    Is it me or do these videos be spooky as hell😂😂. Like I’m watching a fucking horror film💀

  • ThunderHoopsGT


  • Isaac Mulder
    Isaac Mulder

    crazy how nash won mvp this season too

  • OutGrown

    6:03 thats in da past buddy

  • Wing fung Ng
    Wing fung Ng

    This video has a 824K views now . How crazy is this. Kobe is everywhere 💜💛

  • Jian Qi
    Jian Qi

    Question. What's that first song there played in his intro?

  • Matias

    "Kobe, there's no I in team." " Yeah, but there's an M-E in that mother******." Shaq

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