The NBA Has A Big Problem....
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  • Greysen Luginbuhl
    Greysen Luginbuhl


  • Tate Robinson
    Tate Robinson

    Man this was weird to watch.

  • Richard Russell
    Richard Russell

    You must love Jehovah your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind and with all your strength. You must love your neighbor as yourself. Jesus the anointed is Lord! Repent and be baptized and believe the Gospel.

  • SosoGaming

    i heard from sprots rush warriors might try to go for kawhi in FA

  • ワHades

    Glad that NBA2k37 released and that graphics look kinda peng...

  • Praos

    i actually liked the ballroom joke

  • JeBentMislukt

    Isnt this in the normal seasons aswell ? U dont pay attention to it then

  • Balazs Toth
    Balazs Toth

    You have a porblem.. Trying to be freaking dramatic. 😒

  • GT

    why bro shooting the ball like that 💀

  • eube 24
    eube 24

    7:12 dude just predicted that the grizzlies would play the trailblazers for the 8th seed and the trailblazers would win.

  • heru dihaan
    heru dihaan

    the perfect video to wach on april fools

  • Johann Kuruvilla
    Johann Kuruvilla

    Only problem I see is the fact that the WNBA is tryna leech off of them.

  • Hunter Barrett
    Hunter Barrett

    Just yes

  • Pepper Spray
    Pepper Spray

    Crazy that you said you don't care if the nba is setting up other teams for failure in order to raise up a new poster boy. It's a cult, they even rub their point shaving in your face and you still eat it up. To paraphrase a King James tweet, "it's all about taking that J=w money." You don't even care what the league makes you do or say, or put up with just to watch their sport....

  • Cadon Buckles
    Cadon Buckles

    Jesus loves you

  • Jacob Hu
    Jacob Hu

    So what is the problem in the title?

  • iiSerpentKing

    5:18 My man really tryna slide into minnie mouses dms.

  • Aitazaz Shah
    Aitazaz Shah

    What an incredible intro

  • Don't Matter
    Don't Matter

    giannis failed, clippers overhyped and lebron was lebron.

  • Andrew Thomas
    Andrew Thomas

    8 months later it all sounds even dumber than it did then. All this concern for a few players with a runny nose

  • Tyler Newkirk
    Tyler Newkirk

    I feel like people are sleeping on Tyler Herro

  • Tyler Bourn
    Tyler Bourn

    And now Rona is like gone😂 texas lifted all Rona regulations

  • Thomas Collins
    Thomas Collins

    The part where he was talking about the clips even making the western conference finals aged like fine wine.

  • Dozha Deville
    Dozha Deville

    Why was it at Disneyworld?? 🤔

  • danny hines
    danny hines

    Obviously he didn't realize Danny Green also had two rings all ready he was also the first player with rings on three teams

  • Pocket

    Update: things went well

  • YeeSoest

    Any chance to feature KG's legendary trashtalk is a reason for another video. I will watch and like it! I know rap artists who spend an entire career without ever insulting anybody with such style and rhythm to it

  • Adrien Pinard
    Adrien Pinard

    The abortive peak additionaly manage because screen presently hammer given a efficacious cheetah. encouraging, maddening beef

  • Kelvin Cooley
    Kelvin Cooley

    jokes was terrible lmao


    and now it happens with KD

  • mYu uym
    mYu uym

    5:20 😂

  • Anime 101
    Anime 101

    im watching this a few months later and miami made it to the finals and i want to see his reaction to that.

  • peevlit

    those clips of kevin garnett live in my head rent free

  • X P85
    X P85

    Lavar ball returning...

  • Paul Douris
    Paul Douris

    Jesus is king and our savior repent of sin so you can be saved remember Jesus Christ loves you and he’s coming soon

  • Jonathan Leonard Harsono
    Jonathan Leonard Harsono

    If the clippers win...🤦‍♂️

  • Aidans Animations
    Aidans Animations

    The intro though 😂😂😂😂

  • Julian Ramos
    Julian Ramos

    Jimmy "No Other Team Has A Chance At Winning." The Heat THE F*** YOU SAY TO ME YOU LITTLE S***

  • Kind of like Jordan
    Kind of like Jordan

    i’m honestly not even that much of an nba fan but your videos always peak my interest in basketball along with everything around it, big ups

  • KiiingKai


  • Hardcore Basketball
    Hardcore Basketball

  • ojas anand
    ojas anand

    jimmy was so proud of that ballroom joke

  • Aazib Abdullah
    Aazib Abdullah

    Irish spring green green green

  • Stan Song
    Stan Song

    Y’all ain’t realize, we gonna see James harden without being at strip clubs all night. Could be a demigod

  • 717355 Lorne Park SS
    717355 Lorne Park SS

    if someone bet on the heat to make it to the finals they would be rich

  • The Breakdown
    The Breakdown

    And to think that the Heat made it to the Finals.

  • VASI

    I think if there wasn't COVID bucks would have won the championship

  • Shrek Doubt
    Shrek Doubt

    lol that Lakers Blazers prediction was on point

  • Wesley EP
    Wesley EP

    3:58 You could've just used 60 seconds of straight KG clips😂

  • Paolo Samonte
    Paolo Samonte

    The intro killed me

  • Bob Langford
    Bob Langford

    The NBA did an amazing job with the bubble. Zero positive tests. Gotta give them props.

  • Jacob Wright
    Jacob Wright

    I died in the intro

  • Jackie Robinson
    Jackie Robinson

    That intro tho 😂😂😂

  • J Hirayama
    J Hirayama

    This intro was amazing

  • Gabe

    Different camera angels are overrated. The classic view is the best by far its not even close

  • Ben Bowen
    Ben Bowen

    I got next

  • ICurITaISeverus

    3 Months later: remember when 2k was the NBA Simulation? And now it's like....the NBA is a 2k Simulation.

  • King Manny
    King Manny

    Best basketball channel on ALgone 💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾

  • Nadir Jk
    Nadir Jk

    Yanis lol

  • Ur Baapu
    Ur Baapu

    Whos watching after playoffs

  • wizzard game
    wizzard game

    also adam silver is a homosexual

  • wizzard game
    wizzard game

    lebrons a bum he's on test boosters you can never get traps like that without steroids

  • Alex 5tar5
    Alex 5tar5

    So does avery bradley get a ring?

  • Dan Jared Enecio
    Dan Jared Enecio

    clippers cokes against nuggets , gainnis lose to the 5th seed miami heat, and Lakers vs Heat in the final, and the LA Lakers merge as victorious. Im from the future

  • Karl Daniel Ruetas
    Karl Daniel Ruetas

    And we all know what happened.

  • Mario Torres
    Mario Torres

    “The odds of any other team even SNIFFING a championship this season is very, very unlikely” I don’t think this aged very well

    • Winston Smith
      Winston Smith

      @AMDChurro Ummmm.... You do realize that the Miami Heat played the Lakers, right? Your comment makes no sense.

    • Imakeplaylists

      Hmmm... mabye joe Biden will win mvp

    • DLA Time
      DLA Time

      @AMDChurro the heat don’t exist I guess 😔 don’t forget it went to 6 games

    • AMDChurro

      it did. cause he was right. Although the bucks lost in 2nd round, any other team didn't really sniff making the finals

  • Justin VS The WRLD
    Justin VS The WRLD

    Yo the Heat had a 4000 odd!

    • Deivy Maybe
      Deivy Maybe

      you are a man of culture

  • OHG Luush
    OHG Luush

    People watching this during the finals witb the heat and the lakers 👀

  • All The Mikeys Are Taken
    All The Mikeys Are Taken

    This season isn’t canon

    • Deivy Maybe
      Deivy Maybe

      spin off

  • Nowledge

    9:42 This Aged Great

    • Aden Yuan
      Aden Yuan

      You’re right

  • Vibe

    whos here after the heat sniffed the championship

  • Vibe

    ayo whos on Jr.

  • Esoj Ladiv Mil
    Esoj Ladiv Mil


  • DubNation626

    KGs clip is goated

  • Feared_sniper-YT Bros
    Feared_sniper-YT Bros

    Who else here when Miami made it to finals

  • Dilez VLOGS
    Dilez VLOGS

    Rewatching this and realising the Nuggets and Heat weren't mentioned but have ripped through teams like crazy 😂

  • Grantil Dismantil
    Grantil Dismantil

    8:18 it’s just too good.

  • Sharif Abukar
    Sharif Abukar

    Imagine Miami heat being in the finals after watching this

  • BBrosInc.

    Lmao this didn’t age well at all

  • Henry Weber
    Henry Weber

    Who's here after the Heat made the finals?

  • André Gaudio
    André Gaudio

    How about the Heat not only sniffing but actually having a chance on winning the Finals haha

  • Ivano Šolić
    Ivano Šolić

    Whos here after heat swept the bucks

  • TheBrotasticBro

    Yea idk about this one chieff

  • TheMichiganFan

    I remember freaking out about this months ago.

  • M A
    M A

    The big elephant in the room is: POLITICS. Fans DON'T want POLITICS mixed with their sports. SIMPLE.👍👍👍

    • M A
      M A

      @Seb If that is the case...then... explain this to me: Don't be naive. We know its a "chatchie" name... And hey A L M. But what is Marxism??? Educate yourself.!!!👍

    • Seb

      M A human rights aren’t politics :)

  • Lazav Dimir Usurper
    Lazav Dimir Usurper

    imagine rewatching this and the nuggets Eliminate teams like mad men when down 3-1, Bucks not making it to ECF and the Heat Torching the Celtics

    • Kuzi


    • Sent


    • SenseiPrxd


    • Emmanuel Brako
      Emmanuel Brako

      This man is a time traveler

    • Fresco Wayne
      Fresco Wayne


  • RZMSyaboy619

    Lol pelicans r not in the playoffs

  • Samuel Cozart
    Samuel Cozart

    9:41 ...

  • Beau Deschamps
    Beau Deschamps

    8:11 oof...

  • GeneralJacob123

    Lol. Giannis didn't reach the conference finals, Clippers still lost to the nuggets. Heat looks like to go to the finals. No positives in Rona. Yea this didn't age well.

  • Mattie Fattie
    Mattie Fattie

    Hey what do ya know the clippers made no history this year

  • Da Boi
    Da Boi

    Aged like milk let's get it!

  • Chase Edwards
    Chase Edwards

    The first minute of this video is an absolute masterpiece. I love you Jimmy

  • marko mitrovic
    marko mitrovic

    And yes,Denver fucks up Clipers,so Kawhi will win third ring 😂

  • corvun corvun
    corvun corvun

    lebron totally looks like shrek

  • Coy Goss
    Coy Goss

    This video aged badly for the clips

    • Kylo Ren
      Kylo Ren

      And the bucks

  • Aidan Sunbury
    Aidan Sunbury

    Predictions uf

  • Patrick Viau
    Patrick Viau

    These are the biggest strongest healthiest people possible. Its fucking ridiculous they would be worried about a virus that kills people in their eighties. Sometimes. What in the fuck is wrong with everybody. They didnt shut shit down when Magic got aids.

  • Joancarlo Bonilla
    Joancarlo Bonilla

    definitely IFS, lets go heat..

  • Joshua Elijah
    Joshua Elijah

    5:18 That Minnie Mouse is really chipper yo. Salute to her for bringing the good vibes and positivity.

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