NBA Players Are Scoring More Points Than Ever and The Reason Why is Right in Front of Our Eyes
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  • Brian Bujanda
    Brian Bujanda

    Gotta love the consistency of LeBron lol

  • Shaksham Shubham
    Shaksham Shubham

    Levert is not an avg player

  • Basketball's next Prodigy
    Basketball's next Prodigy

    that ending...

  • Daddy

    In today's NBA there are no defenses. It is impossible to make a defense, because all laws are against the defense. For every act of defense, an offense against the defender is immediately whistled. Almost every penetration towards the basket is either a basket or an offense against the defender. Everything is one big show. All the records are ridiculous. It's not basketball anymore, it's just another basket shooting competition. Anyone who says that today the defense is better than ever - is a liar with an interest who tries to deny what the eyes have seen for many years. pathetic.

  • Nelituv9

    Jimmy you interpret the NBA better than Shaq, The Jet, Charles all together.. please swap them.

  • Prod. Picch3
    Prod. Picch3

    Italian Basket is still strategic and I like it

  • Local Man
    Local Man

    Steph Curry is the James Holzhauer of the NBA.

  • Mike97323

    Kevin Porter Jr. With 50...

  • Jay Studer
    Jay Studer

    Reggie Miller would've been the best player in the modern NBA

  • Mike

    damn giannis really froze the vibe of the video😂🥶🥶

  • Amadden mind
    Amadden mind

    This guy is a fountain of misinformation how does he have a million subs UNBELIEVABLE

  • Nate Skyywalker
    Nate Skyywalker

    Jordan would've shat on today's league because his pride would've made him practice more on shooting 3s. The year he averaged 37 would've been 45 now.

  • yusuf Saahir
    yusuf Saahir

    U have the best basketball videos period

  • Michael Bhodho
    Michael Bhodho

    Damn man, your videos are amazing 👏 🔥🔥🔥

  • Radion Kosteinov
    Radion Kosteinov

    Pure Joe ingles

  • RAfael MUnhequete
    RAfael MUnhequete

    What about MJ? Why didn’t they think about getting better at offense rather than defense in the MJ area ?

    • Diego Velazquez
      Diego Velazquez

      Completely different ruleset and style of play

  • Nick Schneider
    Nick Schneider

    A good defender does NOT play reactionary defense. Also, the NBA needs to curb this scoring frenzy. The viewership graph is almost inversely proportionate to that 130 plus scoring graph at the end..

  • Nick Schneider
    Nick Schneider

    What do you get with a league that cares more about scoring than defense, rebounding, teamwork, or hustle? ...a game of pickup ball. Lol

  • Diego Cueva
    Diego Cueva

    also this is why Michael Jordan would be the goat. he was capable of putting up better numbers than lebron james. people don’t realize this

  • Diego Cueva
    Diego Cueva

    yo but like can we still move the ball it’s boring watching the same guy every play. think there’s a balance that’s more effective than the best player shooting 3 or taking it to the rim

  • KEVIN McDaniel
    KEVIN McDaniel

    Defense doesn’t exist anymore. No Hand checking Traveling isn’t called you can’t be physical it’s just a weak league and Bad package

  • Sputnik

    bro best era of the game was 2000-2010 no doubt

  • Ezhon Dave
    Ezhon Dave

    This is a complex video analysis! It shows the light for those blind. Positionless basketball is the new trend, no task is more important than "score" also stop denying that Curry revolutionize the game and is the most skilled PG of all time.

    • Diego Velazquez
      Diego Velazquez

      He’s the best shooter of all time. Magic is the best point guard of all time

  • kade bonath
    kade bonath

    What’s honestly crazy is that LeBron dominated both of these eras

  • kade bonath
    kade bonath

    Gilbert arenas was a bucket 🪣

  • OptimusHighMegaBong

    My Black mate told me once long ago that the NBA invented the 3 pointer so the white man stood a chance. Oh the irony 🤣🤣

  • Vrunnn

    Bruh Parish averaged 19.9

  • R Angus
    R Angus

    They should just keep the rules the same and stop changing them. Then the fans can tell who's the greatest. Great vid tho

  • blazeicebreaker

    Every team needs a lue sort that’s why

  • cesar barraza
    cesar barraza

    Today's game is soft so you can put the slightest amount of pressure when playing D so you never see full court presses anymore.

  • Cmk 908
    Cmk 908

    Man I audibly laughed at that chart of 130+ point games at the end.

  • LoneNation

    there’s another side to this. If tony Parker shot from threes as much as other players today, he would have a lower 3PT%. It’s as simple as that. The quicker gameplay would result in lower FG%.

    • Diego Velazquez
      Diego Velazquez

      Not really.

  • Thomas Weeden
    Thomas Weeden

    When people shoot from ten feet outside of the three point line, how are you supposed to defend against that?

  • Peter Liu
    Peter Liu

    Lol NBA defense is nowadays is so shit. Not even being a boomer I'm genuinely speaking from a fans POV literally no-one in the NBA can play "good defense anymore. If they consider Draymond Green to be the best defender, PFFTT defense isn't even defense compared to 1 decade ago

  • Jah Coin
    Jah Coin

    No lie, they gotta add back Hand checking.

  • Turtle Island LAC
    Turtle Island LAC

    LOL the higher scoring was by design. In 2018 Adam Silver met with owners, officials and players to increase scoring by further reducing and limiting physicality. You don't need a 20-minute video to tell you that. These are just inflated numbers that are engineered to entertain. Example: Donovan Mitchell of the league leading Jazz just put up two 50 pt games in the 2020 playoffs putting him in the company of Jordan and Chamberlain. Mitchell seems like he's getting better right? Wrong. Mitchell could only manage to lead Team USA to SEVENTH place in the 2019 World Cup, where they play more physical like the 90s. If Mitchell was such a great player he would not have led the WORST showing in international play in USA basketball history.


    You gotta give some credit to Steve Kerr cud he basically let curry 🍛 do his thing before that mark jackson didn’t let curry rlly shot 3 as much


    The amount of disrespect to larry bird here is disgusting. Back then, only the best of the best can have an average score of 25-30 pts. You have to endure what basically todays flagrant fouls with almost every possession. Todays glass cannons simply won’t survive the basketball of yesteryears.


    Because at todays basketball, we see that sometimes, to best defend a guy is to not raise your hand at all in fear of defensive foul. At the whole history of this sports, when except now that we see a guy not raising a hand to defend in fear of foul???

  • Chun-Bonn Tang
    Chun-Bonn Tang

    The positionless game is getting on my nerves for years. Back then it was about outplay the opponent and score close to the basket as much as possible. Now every moron is shooting from the outside no matter they are real shooters or not. And sadly the NBA influences the casual players too. When i played against some younger players on the court, many chugged so many 3s and most were not going in anyway...

  • Explicit Movies & Video Highlights
    Explicit Movies & Video Highlights

    oh so there's no more role players in the NBA no more??? 😂😂😂

  • kneoFX

    if reggie miller would of played in this era he would be a 1st ir 2nd all nba player. same for Larry bird cause his back probably wouldn't be crippled aswell. F for his back

  • 3m4n

    Do a "follow up" video regarding this same subject but from a coaching POV. Coach's have had to adapt to this new playstyle. I wonder which ones embraced it and which ones fought against it.

  • VERBAL Kint
    VERBAL Kint has more to do with little defense. These games look like scrimmages

  • Tyler Shain
    Tyler Shain


  • Mathew Hanna
    Mathew Hanna

    Fire ass video

  • Foresta Giovanni
    Foresta Giovanni

    Arenas already scores 30 ppg, so now he can effortlessly out scores Harded. I say 38 ppg.

  • Foresta Giovanni
    Foresta Giovanni

    So NBA players start playing like europeans.

  • Julien Seredowych
    Julien Seredowych

    Raja is absolutely right. The league has valued volume scoring in the rules. That’s why so many players hate Pat Beverly. He’s one of the only guys that has figured out how to stay defensively effective in today’s rule book.

  • Constable Dodo
    Constable Dodo

    Owners had to force the league to throw more fouls in order to protect thier investments. The refs are just doing what they're told, ultimately its the owners that make the rules.

  • Constable Dodo
    Constable Dodo

    Thats cuz basketball players are better now than before.

  • Liam Bernardi
    Liam Bernardi

    I think it is the league fault because of how they change the rule. And also player always catch up for there stats

  • Simonpeggroundhole

    I got no problem with calling Steph “Neo,” but are we sure it isn’t Kerr? Or is Kerr Morpheus, IDing Neo and setting him up?

  • Ed Wright
    Ed Wright

    Jimmy your just absolutely awesome 👏 damn you😂😂

  • tschanzo

    Can I add one thing only, I agree with everything: We have this offense beasts all around. Everyone has crazy skills on offense. Isn't one thing to that, that these guys are per se bad at defense? It's not like you change the whole defense/offense on court like in Football. What I'm trying to say is: When they're all very very good at offense, isn't the counterpart that they are not as good in defense? Which than spins the circle even faster?

  • Shawn Galloway
    Shawn Galloway

    I'm just gonna say what no one else seems to notice: times have changed and attitudes are different now. NBA used to be storylines, rivalries, overcoming obstacles, good guys verses bad guys, a battle of different styles, etc. Now it is watch the 'star' score a bunch of points. Society has changed from substance to flash, from meaning to vanity. It's not basketball anymore. It's individual accolades and star worship. These are the days of me me me, where social media and narcissism (stats, points) replaces depth and meaning (teamwork, plays, iq)

  • Greg Buckingham
    Greg Buckingham

    They should make 3 pointers only worth 2.5 points lol

  • Edwin J
    Edwin J

    Gilbert Arenas was better than Bradley Beal and that’s not how you pronounce Samuel Dalambert’s last name.

  • Shenanigans Fπckery
    Shenanigans Fπckery

    bottomline NBA is just getting boring.

  • Great White Cat
    Great White Cat

    6:15 I knew it before you said it

  • J S
    J S

    The lack of D and bull shit calls the refs are making and flopping is why people score more. Defence has gone backwards. The NBA has gotten worse and less entertaining. The warriors ruined the game by allowing Klay and curry shoot so many 3s.

  • B Y
    B Y

    The last graph could easily be misleading. What it might be commenting on more is about garbage time, and what was mentioned in the video, that "getting a bucket gets you paid". I don't think that's exactly the case. It might also be the fact that when a team has a hot night shooting, the upside is very high. This might also not be the case, because even bigger lows would have to also be prevalent when the team shoots cold (unless easy layups abound late in those blowouts). Old style inside bashing for points in the 4th wasn't conducive to running up scores. They ran down the clock and took outside shots. I do agree scoring is up and with the rest of the video (I love what the NBA has become), but to look at the # of +130 games as conclusive evidence for anything isn't super convincing to me.

  • Fica Meris
    Fica Meris

    Players are more skilled now more than ever. By players i mean ALL players as a group. If you leave your guy he is going to punish you. That wasn't the case before. Before you knew who is (most likely) going to punish you. Now it's everyone. If you don't follow your, guy and leave him open, he is getting 3p, no matter how bad shooter you think he is. Guys having problem form free throws getting 3p? Dwight, Drumond... Boban... It has never been so hard to play defense.

    • Diego Velazquez
      Diego Velazquez

      Volume isn’t the same thing as skill. There are guys now like Brook Lopez and al Horford who never took more than 0.5 3’s a game in their first 6 seasons that are now taking 5 3’s a game. Players now have more freedom and are encouraged to take more 3’s because of analytics

  • Jeramithehuman

    MJ averages 50 today

  • Stephen Hagen
    Stephen Hagen

    This video just reinforces WHAT I've been saying. Without Steve Kerr, you don't get Steph Curry with the freedom to do what he does. Steve Kerr changed the game, because any other coach would have put Steph (and the rest of the team) in a role. Also, don't forget, the area the defense has to guard tight is now twice as big.

  • Spoiled Milk
    Spoiled Milk

    I guess you can say...Today’s superstars,are the BOOMERS of the nba 😏✨

  • Motown Mike
    Motown Mike

    Uh you can’t play defense anymore. Mystery solved

  • Babara Zeiger
    Babara Zeiger

    The nasty hydrofoil contextually form because tornado preliminarily challenge during a versed rifle. jaded, jumbled nose

  • Eric Anderson
    Eric Anderson

    Performance enhancing drugs? Not even trolling, but that’s the answer

  • Alex Warshauer
    Alex Warshauer

    4:17 I mean I love Giannis but that’s just funny

  • Patriots news
    Patriots news

    Well what do you expect when refs call fouls for every little thing they should honestly bring back the hand check rule

  • Viano Kyrec
    Viano Kyrec

    I only got 5 of the leading scorers although I considered 8 of them

  • Ebeneser Thepbanthao
    Ebeneser Thepbanthao

    The general gentle credit markedly describe because organisation thessaly correct absent a glamorous ghost. pastoral, finicky grandson

  • Eddie

    This a problem that the NBA is overlooking, its going to get to the point were people are not going to watch. Me for example i dont watch as many games as i used to, and i dont even watch the allstar game

  • Elsa Tan
    Elsa Tan

    The thundering bathroom opportunely peep because crook contrastingly scribble via a uneven street. foamy, momentous request

  • Clarence Oliver III
    Clarence Oliver III

    Because they are getting the all time lowest blocks & steals LOL

  • David Reeves
    David Reeves

    Excellent analysis! Even though offensive skill is at an all time high across the league I find the game boring. I hope defense catches up.

  • Dude

    Id be interested to see how good these guys would be if they made them play by the rules. I'd also like to see the kind of contact that is called a foul if the defender is out of position called a charge if they are in position....

  • Globetrotter 4FR
    Globetrotter 4FR

    Let me give you some insight. 2024/25 Season will add a 4 Point line

  • Globetrotter 4FR
    Globetrotter 4FR

    0:14 I counted its 482 vs 264 balls

  • Picasso Julien
    Picasso Julien

    Just came back to the video, and Gary Trent just had 44. It’s so easy to score in today’s game

  • MagCynic

    4:50 This is 100% truth. Defenses in any sport are ALWAYS reactionary and ALWAYS bound by physics. The offense knows where it's going. The defense is stuck guessing.

  • Lorenzo Noel
    Lorenzo Noel

    The worried visitor untypically avoid because armenian seasonally recognise within a wrathful butter. axiomatic, grateful gratis okra

  • Mike Dezzy
    Mike Dezzy

    Cool video. Now show these guys Playoffs numbers.

  • Javi javierza
    Javi javierza

    The changeable sudan unsurprisingly treat because club consequentially taste through a abhorrent jeff. parsimonious, stormy iris

  • Kelly Malcolm
    Kelly Malcolm

    The watery magician crucially exercise because plot surely haunt save a assorted trial. nonchalant, sloppy middle

  • JJ Reddick
    JJ Reddick

    Can thank Le flop James for this

  • Matthew Raish
    Matthew Raish

    So what happened with "money ball" happened with the NBA. The stats showed the main game winner was position-less scoring. Basically - get all shooters. But I still think it's just easier to score when it's a foul to guard you. That's a bigger reason why we're seeing so many made shots from all over.

  • Ozzyfrog78

    What happened in 2019 causing such a jump? It's painful to see defenders jumping out of a dunkers for fear of finishing on a poster - who has b-ball posters these days anyway Have you looked at the point proportion per player within the tean? As in 5 starting vs. bench over the years? I assume that main players are more greedy than they were

  • Seann Chambes
    Seann Chambes

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  • 智智ZhiZhi

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  • Ellen Kelly
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  • Dan Rustle
    Dan Rustle

    And Kobe was called a ball hog in his era but was way ahead of his time

  • J Oh
    J Oh

    The quality of this video though.... wish I could subscribe twice

  • Honor

    MJ in this era 40/10/6

  • Honor

    That is becuase no one play DEFENSE in Nba,Playing Defense is more painful.

  • JJ Reddick
    JJ Reddick

    Um, they stopped playing D 10 years ago

  • eric espina
    eric espina

    This is why soccer is more popular than basketball. :)

    • Kaito 1412
      Kaito 1412


  • Suna Kami
    Suna Kami

    Gilbert arenas was Bradley Beal on steroids

  • Zachary Hooks
    Zachary Hooks

    Just imagine like the numbers all time greats in the early 2000s and 90s players would had Absolute insane Could be a great video

    • thelegendsqb1

      The production may stay the same but I think their efficiency would go up. Take Allen Iverson for example. He averaged 31.4 PPG on a terribly inefficient 39.8%. Basically 27.8 shots per game. More than anyone today. To be fair to Iverson, his early 2000s Sixers team were pretty garbage offensively so he had to night in and night out chuck like crazy just to keeps his teams somewhat competitive. So if he played today (assuming a good team with good scorers) he probably wouldn’t have to chuck so much. As Jxmyhighroller pointed out. The average player today is far better offensively than 10-20 years ago.

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