How Did The NBA Let This Happen
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  • Angry Igoudala
    Angry Igoudala

    Everything goes in NBA

  • Aion Wolfeey
    Aion Wolfeey

    was Covid the only thing that made them lose 1.2 billion? ratings are hella low too.

  • Mischa_el

    As a German, not seeing football - it's not called soccer - in this chart at 5:30, I start to think that you Americans really live in your own world 😅

  • Famous Potato
    Famous Potato

    If the nba wasn’t so “woke” they’d probably have more viewers but they focus more on pushing agendas than actual basketball

  • Atto boi
    Atto boi

    wow, in 2007 kobe bryant was making, 22500000000000 every year? Holy shit, 22500000 x million is a lot! @3:40


    8:00 Sorry, but Klay ain't playing.

  • Gareth Andrew
    Gareth Andrew

    Football season in England nearly 11 months

  • William Carpenter
    William Carpenter

    He really do be pumping out these charts

  • Pepsolman

    They are trying to get attention because the NBA died when they started handing out gimme Covid bubble trophies to Lebron.

  • Velma Acierto
    Velma Acierto

    Get woke go broke

  • Sebastian Avina
    Sebastian Avina

    Anyone else see that WNBA stat, the WNBA finals went up 💀, you guys must be extremely bored 😂

  • Vaporon

    How did you call James Harden going to the Nets

    • Nico Mannion
      Nico Mannion


  • S So
    S So

    This needs an update

  • Nathan Evans
    Nathan Evans

    Add Blake Griffin and Aldridge to that now😩😂

  • Ghastly Dan
    Ghastly Dan

    Anyone here after Blake Griffin and Lamarcus Aldridge joined the club

  • czarwaka

    can we just end this covid shit? we have like 4 billion people to many on earth as far as i know...who dies dies and the rest just carry on

    • Itz_Ryugium

      I kinda agree kinda don’t, because it’s all numbers until it’s your mom or someone you love that dies then it’s way different

  • Human Lettuce
    Human Lettuce

    Who’s here after the Nets turned into the Avengers?

  • Mike H
    Mike H

    And the NBA vetoed the CP3 to Lakers trade. Now before all you toxics jump on my statement above, I remember then NBA commissioner David Stern killed the deal since the Hornets was governed by the NBA at the time. Still a BS situation letting a player dictate a trade like that.

  • O G
    O G

    Look at harden man

  • Kurapika

    Little did he know how crazy it would get

  • A l f r e d 0
    A l f r e d 0

    Fuck yeahh‼️‼️‼️‼️

  • A l f r e d 0
    A l f r e d 0


  • A l f r e d 0
    A l f r e d 0


  • J Dabanks
    J Dabanks

    Can we ask this again plz

  • JBF

    Now they have Lamarcus Aldridge and Blake Griffen

  • Flacko

    What I don’t get is how people say we can’t compete with the nfl for viewing but were able to pay our players way more. How does that work ? You’d think because we have less viewers we’d pay our players less too

  • Bruce Mitchell
    Bruce Mitchell

    The viewership was way done cause the woke politics plain and simple I want to be entertained. I don't wanna hear about oppression from guys that have millions of dollars in their bank accounts

  • Patricio Pino
    Patricio Pino

    The versed fold immunologically delight because customer unknowingly extend like a thirsty sale. oafish, black cub

  • Brenner Myers
    Brenner Myers

    Yo Jimmy predicted the future harden nets?!?;?

  • Vinicius Francisco
    Vinicius Francisco

    5:23 34%*

  • Nebria

    now imagine, curry, klay, green joing the lakers with ad and lebron

  • Michael's GAMING channel!
    Michael's GAMING channel!

    I love watching NBA but I just watch ALgone videos and live NBA games. If it was free to watch live I would

  • LeCon Jame
    LeCon Jame

    The happy dahlia temporally saw because leopard lily paddle to a broad transport. breakable, hot huge dust

  • Venize

    I dare say the NBA has alienated half of potential viewers with their politics.

    • Venize

      @Swaz Ruzan BLM, maybe it wasn't at first, but it has become very political. You don't have to be "hardcore" conservative for certain takes on the organisation to bother you. My estimate might be a bit too high, but it was from the fact that about half the country voted conservative.

    • Swaz Ruzan
      Swaz Ruzan

      People who like the sport watch. Plus BLM isn’t inherently political it’s been a thing for like 5-6 years now. People just use it for politics because they’re lazy to actually talk about their own policy. Plus I highly doubt half of NBA viewership is hardcore conservative. They’re mostly getting boned on illegal streaming sites almost everyone I know uses them.

  • BigJoe-Shh45

    Because People need to think about saving their jobs, living style, etc. So fuck off sports.

  • Bass Addiction
    Bass Addiction

    I lack in viewer ship also has alot to do with the blm bullshit and all the pro China bullshit and the social justice anti white narrative

  • greek Freek89
    greek Freek89

    The reason why the ratings are low because of bringing in political stuff in it

  • Dozha Deville
    Dozha Deville

    The low TV ratings are simply because people are sick of seeing Lebron. *After free agency news and ALL TO LA, fans tuned-OUT we know the outcomes!* And Kobe's passing ruined the vibe...

  • Trenton Ayers Hands of Fire
    Trenton Ayers Hands of Fire

    Make sense why Lebron is a Laker...

  • iam oneclicker
    iam oneclicker

    The maniacal slash lilly mend because streetcar logically request abaft a demonic piccolo. amusing, hideous high dugout

  • eube 24
    eube 24

    Jimmy predicted the three going to the nets in the thumbnail 👀

  • You're being played lemming
    You're being played lemming

    i don't understand why. aren't way more people sitting at home? is everyone choosing netflix over sports?

  • Majima

    Imagine watching nfl

  • Oof McNuggets
    Oof McNuggets

    7:59 He said a well rested and RECOVERED Klay Thompson. This video was uploaded the same day Klay injured his achillies and has and will be out the whole season.

  • Aaron sam.j
    Aaron sam.j

    9:37 poor maths

  • Štefan Gabura
    Štefan Gabura

    Ehm MLB viewership 100-66 is 34 not 44

  • elite lime
    elite lime

    Who here after the Harden trade

  • W for Wavy
    W for Wavy

    remember jordan retired out of confusion didnt know what do anymore not because bro was “workin too hard”

  • Luis Perez
    Luis Perez

    Why would all this people make a big thing about the nets, I think steven a, and max, just tried to hype, and thought they were really good, and they would of, if they kept Allen, they messed up, so bad on that trade, they should of gave up, jordan🤣😂 now they getting exposed, no d, at all, made no sense, durant, and harden, have been known their entire career for no defense, all them dudes that hyped them up, bet feel dumb as hell

  • NLE Grimeyy
    NLE Grimeyy

    Also because of the Black Lives Matter stuff, trend is over lmao.

  • Chirag Lohia
    Chirag Lohia

    He roasted MJ hilariously 🤣🤣

  • Bob Dylan
    Bob Dylan

    NBA is in its worst era. There's too many stoppages in the game. There's minimal defense played and every little contact is a foul. Nobody wants to watch players flopping and refs making bad calls

  • Artyom Arty
    Artyom Arty

    you wanna know why NBA gets fewer views? Its because its made up of black millionaires who decided to become political and wear BLM shirts. Like, how much more racist can you be? These are the richest most successful people and its ok for them to be so openly racist? Half of america despises BLM and its racism, yet these guys decided to openly support? If hitler made a basketball association, would you watch them play? If not, then why would you watch NBA? Pretty sure that had something to do with it...

    • Swaz Ruzan
      Swaz Ruzan

      Lmao you want them to say “I don’t think Black Lives Matter”. What? Clown logic. If you think the 10 million + people that marched with BLM are all racist then ur brainwashed.

  • Lanz Daimiel Concepcion
    Lanz Daimiel Concepcion

    How u predict that-

  • Chris Emmanuel
    Chris Emmanuel

    U predicted this trade in the thumbnail 👀

  • Magmatude

    He predicted the harden trade

  • Taylor Scott
    Taylor Scott

    It’s because they brought politics into sports

  • Josh Rejenge
    Josh Rejenge

    Imagine if LeBron and Stephen Curry get traded to the NETS that would be tragic

  • 5:21 100 - 66 = 44

  • The KiddRiko
    The KiddRiko

    Yo ik I'm months late but your thumbnail just predicted the future😂

  • yung mayo
    yung mayo

    Illuminati confirmed

  • The Number One Bot
    The Number One Bot

    no one watched these finals because they were garbage there was no one there and they were not even in their own stadiums

  • laurits

    wtf can we talk about this thumbnail wtfffff

  • MN RockHounder
    MN RockHounder

    The thumbnail predicted the harden to nets trade

  • Snoof

    What a thumbnail

  • Rosey Gray
    Rosey Gray

    Who’s here after Lakers are cruising to a championship

  • UnspeakablyAwesomeBros

    The thumbnail aged like fine wine.

  • xd RagePolice
    xd RagePolice

    The thumbnail and then that actually happened

  • Barley Biscuit
    Barley Biscuit

    Epic season yes suns number 1 in the west

  • Oh Yeah Mr Krabz
    Oh Yeah Mr Krabz

    This thumbnail has aged very well

  • flightjam

    That thumbnail tho. Now look what happened.

    • Zett76
      Zett76 know nothing, guy from two months in the past. 🙂

    • Eric Lovett
      Eric Lovett

      yeah i thought this vid was about that

  • Kytrell

    *People who knew he didn't predict this, he changed the icon*

  • Tyler Brabham
    Tyler Brabham

    @jxmyhighroller Okay so the tab for this video is prophetic. How about covering the trade while going over historical "Big 3s"?

  • ernestha


  • Jaylin Roebuck
    Jaylin Roebuck

    Hmm this thumbnail seems oddly suspicious 🧐 what do you know Jxmy

  • Rahul Bendapudi
    Rahul Bendapudi

    It’s funny that the whole thumbnail is on the same team now

  • Guilherme

    This thumbnail. Jxmy predicted the future

  • Joe V
    Joe V

    You can now make another video with the same picture and title.

  • Kaylee Kang
    Kaylee Kang

    The alike department presently unlock because handicap cumulatively glue than a wry norwegian. last, steady australian

  • Scriblenuats

    This thumbnail aged well

  • Muhammad Demets
    Muhammad Demets

    I feel like he was predicting the Harden trade with his thumbnail.

    • Tech

      People were talking about it before the season started

  • Xenopis 786
    Xenopis 786

    Wait...hold on.......did Jimmy literally predict the Harden trade with that thumbnail?????? Maybe I'm retarded but still.

    • Neil Armstrong : Minutes Before Landing Colorized
      Neil Armstrong : Minutes Before Landing Colorized

      Everyone knew it was happening lol

  • JC Justin
    JC Justin

    Here 1 month later and Jxmy’s thumbnail predicted the future

    • Neil Armstrong : Minutes Before Landing Colorized
      Neil Armstrong : Minutes Before Landing Colorized

      Everyone knew it was happening lol

  • Clowd Blanco
    Clowd Blanco

    Bro you on some intuitive shit with the thumbnail and title, nets got harden 🤣🤣

  • Shysh Smuck
    Shysh Smuck

    This man jimmy predicted the future with the thumbnail

  • Yuvan Seth
    Yuvan Seth

    Jimmy we need to talk about the the thumbnail

  • Mustafa Alp ARI
    Mustafa Alp ARI

    It happened

  • dotcom137

    Look at this thumbnail. It just hits different isn't it?

  • Max

    If this Video would been released 1 month later the Thumbnail and the Title would still makes sense.

  • Lincoln Boren
    Lincoln Boren

    did mans predict that kd kyrie and harden would be on the same team in the thumbnail?

  • Muntazir Osani-Schilling
    Muntazir Osani-Schilling

    Anyone else come back to this video after today’s blockbuster

  • Djemba Djemba
    Djemba Djemba

    Anyone here after the harden trade

  • Dwight Leone
    Dwight Leone

    Jxmy already new about Harden going to Nets one month ago xD

  • The Chosen One
    The Chosen One

    Umm... is Jimmy from the future

  • Kexre

    Who’s here after Harden got traded to the nets?

  • Leon Schneider
    Leon Schneider


  • Rafeal Chaudhry
    Rafeal Chaudhry

    Who’s here after James Harden just got traded to the Nets

    • Kevit

      Moe Turkistani Blake and Aldridge

    • Moe Turkistani
      Moe Turkistani

      Blake and LA

    • Rishabh M
      Rishabh M

      me lol

    • Abraham


    • Kevit

      ThE mOst UnBelievAbLe pRedicTiOns iN NBA hIStOrY

  • Suraj Parida
    Suraj Parida

    And... it actually happened

  • YungMir215

    Who’s here after harden got traded

  • Lucas Johansen
    Lucas Johansen

    Who tf watches the all star games the shit is boring.

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