5 Unbelievable NBA Myths We All Believed Were True
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  • TheLegends x88
    TheLegends x88

    Oh god um like 0.2 points per season

    • TheLegends x88
      TheLegends x88

      It would be like how I played with people who were 5 yrs older than me and I played in the reck league...... I scored 2 points (1basket) the whole season

  • gwnfan

    The myth of guys like Dirk being unathletic, or Bird being bad at defense, or anything that states X player is unathletic. Every single NBA athlete is a freak athlete, and 95% of them are insanely hard working. The myth that some made it due to hard work, while some made it due to athleticism-- those myths need to stop. The league is made of insanely athletic hard working men.

  • Ayden Steinmetz
    Ayden Steinmetz

    who the fuck thinks Stephen Curry isn't clutch

  • NBA2K Swiss
    NBA2K Swiss

    How are the bulls a super team

  • Diego Cueva
    Diego Cueva

    a myth i hear is that the celtics aren’t good lol

  • Daniel Kong
    Daniel Kong

    Well I just learned that MILES PLUMLEE has a record... yeah

  • Ryan Jahromi
    Ryan Jahromi

    since when does Miles Plumlee have those bunnies?

  • Gabriel Saraiva
    Gabriel Saraiva

    rodman in his prime???wtf no His Bulls days were the downfall,he played less and less

  • TyBrezzy11

    i disagree with the clutch shit. and id use last 5 minutes or last 3 minutes


    GET YOUR FACTS STRAIGHT BRUH are we not gonna talk about that time Kobe airballed a game winning shot (rip Kobe) and Lebron is terrible in the clutch DO YOU KNOW BASKETBALL lebron hits many game winners ESPECIALLY in the playoffs holy do you know basketball or do you read this off Wikipedia

  • Caleb Yuk
    Caleb Yuk

    Who’s here after Lamarcus Aldridge had to retire 😢

  • yelsgup

    when people say clutch they mean buzzer beaters and game winning shots, not the definition of clutch time

  • Tadiwa Maenzanise
    Tadiwa Maenzanise

    13:30 didn't this guy just say LBJ had a 40-44 inch vert?

  • BulletproofBasketball

    The reason why LeBron is labels as not clutch doesn't actually have to do with Efficiency, it's really the eye test, if you watch him compared to Kobe is what he does late in the game, LeBron is subject to "coming up small" meaning there's times where he won't shoot, there's times were he makes bad turnovers, he was often bail out of a shot and let someone else take a bad shot like recently where he had an open 30 footer and he's actually decent as these but bailed and and passed to Curshow, and he had to quickly get up a bad shot, when LeBron wants to he can just drive and get a bucket, we've seen him do it time and time again, but there's an inconsistency and being a bad free throw shooter for a ball handler around less than 70% past few years makes him not wanting to draw a foul late game, Kobe is know for taking and making difficult shots and will do it as will late game without a dip in efficiency not afraid of it, watching LeBron you don't get the same, don't get me wrong the man can be clutch 2018 is a great example, but 2007 he but that game winner with 0.4 and his reaction just tells you he didn't actually think he would make it, when Kobe and Jordan make the shot there's a sense of they knew they'd make it, even if they've most missed more than they've made, they've never shied away from the moment.

  • Audhal H
    Audhal H

    The thing with offense and defense ist that many coaches would rather let a better defender play then someone thats very good in offense

  • Invictus Supremus
    Invictus Supremus

    There are certain things in basketball you don't use metrics to judge, and clutch is one of them!

  • Old Arrow Calisthenics
    Old Arrow Calisthenics

    Shoulda coulda woulda, mj still the goat

  • Noah Nuttall
    Noah Nuttall

    My definition of a “superteam” is: A team that acquires multiple stars through FREE AGENCY or forced trades like Harden. The 2015-16 Warriors werent a superteam because their core players were drafted or received through non-forced trades. U didnt say in the video which of the teams before the 2008 Celtics were formed through only free agency or forced trades. I think alot of fans are mad Kyrie and KD sign some papers and BAM, ring. The modern superteam was started by the 2008 Celtics.

  • Albizu Reyes
    Albizu Reyes

    Clutch is real

  • Josh Hwang
    Josh Hwang

    Difficulty of shot, distance of shot, and the selection of shot are factors as well

  • elvis vasquez
    elvis vasquez

    The 'super teams' you are talking about are not the ones that get people mad... When 3 franchise players just decide to team up in a specific NBA team (Heat, Celtics, Nets, etc.) just to chase a ring is what get fans mad. Not 'super teams' created through draft and trades... By your logic, most NBA champions are super teams and we should not complain about it LOL.

  • SosoGaming

    so from 1998 till 2000 the nba was quiet...

  • SosoGaming

    my mind is blown rn

  • Carl Mina
    Carl Mina

    I think clutch is a general and subjective term, usually i think of clutch as a game winning shot with a win-lose situation. I dont know but that is my opinion only

  • Giovani Formenton
    Giovani Formenton

    clutch is about attitude... how amazing and funny is the end game

  • ParzivalFN

    now Brooklyn nets

  • Myles

    3:43 bro is sus

  • Johnathan Dillenburg
    Johnathan Dillenburg

    I like how he just forgets who Tim Duncan’s Spurs were

    • oof.

      Thats a dynasty

  • ZacStayDrippin

    Lebron is not infamously known to choke in clutch moments

  • Clint Rinaudo
    Clint Rinaudo

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  • Blink Logic
    Blink Logic

    Clutch sounds weird now. Clutch

  • Some Guy
    Some Guy

    12 minutes, how about the last possession. I suspect your outcome starts to very substantially more.

    • That Guy Luis
      That Guy Luis

      Clutch for me is more on the last 2 mins of a very close game, not the last 12 mins. He just want to skew other peoples perspective on MJ.

  • Gary Cullen
    Gary Cullen

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  • Brian Ruiz
    Brian Ruiz

    Great video!

  • Kevin Armes
    Kevin Armes

    Sooo.... Jordan no look was clickbait? Not a fan

  • Kevin Armes
    Kevin Armes

    Idk man, I love Jimmy's videos, but clutch for me means like last 1 or 2 shots of the game. Like a buzzerbeater. MJ is the guy you want with the ball in the last moment of the game. Even the fact that he gets the shot off instead of passing or running out of time. He's just lethal. That for me is clutch. Not just their percentage in the last 12 minutes of a close game. Its what he opened with, Leonard's buzzer beater considered clutch.

    • jay

      NO the whole 4th quarter is CRUNCH TIME YOU FUCKING CASUAL

  • John Doe
    John Doe

    These arguments are garbage. No serious fan suggests that defense alone wins championships...the argument that defense wins championships falls in the context that simply focusing on offense is a proven losing strategy. Winning teams have to have good offense, but they mix in good defense to disrupt their opponents so that 80% FGP isn't required to win.

  • John Doe
    John Doe

    Jordan, Johnson, Miller, Bird and other greats were labeled clutch players because they often took the final shot to win the game. They demonstrated laser focus when the game was on the line, and the greatest players were the hero far more often than when they missed. Fans remember players as clutch when they often hit buzzer beaters to win the game...and they remember the players that often miss as non-clutch players.

  • slothguy10

    I would consider clutch as in like 5 min or less.

  • Lorelai Reader
    Lorelai Reader

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  • Rahul Saha
    Rahul Saha

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  • Sadman Habib
    Sadman Habib

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  • XTX Silence
    XTX Silence

    The craziest myth is how dababy turned into a convertible, he did tho

  • Even rakatis
    Even rakatis

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  • Raphael Andreas
    Raphael Andreas

    I’m not arguing but i’m a but confused, how about the Pistons around the 2000’s? Aren’t they counted as a super team because they have 4 (i think) all stars and won the championship? Please Explain

  • risto shikongo
    risto shikongo

    Thank you Jimmy.

  • Micheal Belt
    Micheal Belt

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  • Emzkee

    NBA myth I believe its true from Wallace... BALL DON'T LIE

  • Jeke Schwinn
    Jeke Schwinn

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  • El guapo B
    El guapo B

    Well, a 2 pt differential in efg% is actually a significant difference, dont let the numbers fool you.

    • El guapo B
      El guapo B

      Much better data for comparison should be the clutch points

  • Ross ek
    Ross ek

    How was Byrd not mentioned in "clutch" shooters

  • Spectre

    i don’t get the clutch thing

  • PeteyC_ AZ
    PeteyC_ AZ

    Aaaand now the 2021 Brkln Nets

  • PeteyC_ AZ
    PeteyC_ AZ

    What about the 2004 Lakers? Old Gary and old but good Mailman. Plus Kobe and Shaq. Lost it too Detroit!

  • aldrin alejo
    aldrin alejo

    3:25 reveals that we are still watching the intro (Me: WHA-)

  • capotzzi spasum
    capotzzi spasum

    The fact that he did this before Stephan A. Smith blew up about the Nets is pretty funny to me. Lol

  • Joshua Adams
    Joshua Adams

    I’m sorry but did he just say 6’6 was average height

  • Tom Rock
    Tom Rock

    "Clutch" shooting should not be more the the last 2 Minutes of a game

  • Torpe Max
    Torpe Max

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    Asedrftopujikoplkm Fasedrftoujikolpkjm

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  • Bailey Evans
    Bailey Evans

    vid said Wilt was in his prime when he was on the lakers smh

  • malcolm momjian
    malcolm momjian

    theres too much wrong with ur clutch shooting myth, i wanna throw up already lol

  • Alvin gadar
    Alvin gadar

    I don't care about the figures, Queen James is not clutch, he is a chocker.

  • Luis Colon
    Luis Colon

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  • Mihailo Krunic
    Mihailo Krunic

    The thing he said in the beginning of the video "If someone say something enough times and enough people belive it, it becomes true" I have good expample for this in kindergarten some kid said that Jordan dunked from 3pt line and he repited that few times and it just became a fact in our kindergarten. We were kids so we didn't know how to check it so we just agreed

  • wraith0000001

    Offence and Defence win championships. What a revelation. Love these facts.

  • Dustin L
    Dustin L

    To me clutch is under 24 seconds. Shot clock is off,holding for final possession. 12 minutes holds way too many possession changes.

  • Ace Le
    Ace Le

    That's not clutch.

  • Ben and Andrew
    Ben and Andrew

    Your definition of clutch is incorrect so of course your argument will be right

  • Frank Cano
    Frank Cano

    The clutch point is the dumbest argument I've ever heard

  • Pedro Hernandez
    Pedro Hernandez

    Nothing but facts

  • Kingsley Bridgforth
    Kingsley Bridgforth

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  • Thomas Lin
    Thomas Lin

    U know what's even crazier, despite wilt being such a monster, he can be stoped by Bill Russell, a man that has the size of a regular center

  • qt hob
    qt hob

    i feel like the clutch shooting is more of an opinion than a fact

  • Sam Beaumont
    Sam Beaumont

    It’s quite probable that Wilts standing vertical jump was marginally better in a test scenario vs in game. But stretching from an estimated 40 (in game) to 48 (test) is a massive leap.

  • Carter Lee
    Carter Lee

    I would argue that David Robinson Tony Parker and Tim Duncan were something of a super team, or when Robinson retired and Ginobli joined the big three

  • dylan bowes
    dylan bowes

    Clutch isn’t a myth.

  • joskilove19

    The definition of clutch is incorrect. I don't know anyone who feels being "clutch" as basically 4th quarter production. The video is literally show last second shots which was an average person pictures when using the term clutch to define a player.

  • Garrett Thorne
    Garrett Thorne

    Who says lebron ain’t clutch?

  • MrJamesCleveland

    Worst definition of clutch.

  • jonathan dasin
    jonathan dasin

    I heard wilt beat a hof running back in a race

  • 박미정

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  • flaminghole

    Harden Curry LeBron aren’t clutch?

  • Todd s
    Todd s


  • mj8323

    This is a perfect example of taking statistics twisting them to suit a narrative.

  • Sang Dieng
    Sang Dieng

    The one who jumped high up over the basketball hoop wasn’t true I think

  • Jacob Reyes
    Jacob Reyes

    Tracy Mcgrady

  • MK G
    MK G

    The superteam teams you showed is a massive lie, Players out of there primes is all I saw, Elgin Baylor was on his last legs, KG and Ray were 30+ and most of thee others were all drafted to the team! The Maimi Heat all joined up at 27 years old, tell me what team all joined up together at 27 years old who were all top 15 in the league?

  • Glory TO GOD!
    Glory TO GOD!

    kawhi Leonard travelled on his iconic buzzer beater no hate

  • K!ngisHere

    You got myth 1 wrong. Kobe and Jordan being all time clutch is the myth. There is clutch and non clutch players there’s whole psych papers about it. Your data would prove this too if you knew how to analyze data.

  • Nick Obenauer
    Nick Obenauer

    Clutch would be the last 2 min of a game

  • tim morales
    tim morales

    This dude is obviously for lebron bc every video he makes it has to be about lebron. Listen Jordan is the best ever. If lebron wins 10 rings he still not even in th top 5 all time players. That’s facts. In today’s basketball he is alright player. He chokes all the time he a floppes like a fish. Today’s game is weak.

  • Luke Cash
    Luke Cash

    Lol I love how he's basically saying "yeah clearly Wilt didn't have a vertical leap that high but can anyone else reach the top of the backboard like that?" Mmmmhhhmmm a 40" leaping Wilt is already fucking ridiculous and there's pretty difficult to dispute pixel mapped video evidence supporting it. Miles Plumlee is also two inches shorter than Wilt was so you've got this guy who's over 7 feet tall jumping in a way that would be considered epic even for players of other positions. Yeah there are several of them jumping higher but they're not knocking quarters off the top of the backboard are they?

  • Anti Luv
    Anti Luv

    that’s not what people mean by clutch, horrible definition. being clutch is def a real thing jimmy. the last quarter with a 6 point game isn’t clutch. it’s more like the last 4 min with the game within 5 or 6

  • 27wesley Lawson
    27wesley Lawson

    This is the only time Jimmy I have to disagree- Magic & Worthy, including MJ & Scottie - they developed organically they both started has rookies, the others moved around in their Prime- Dennis is an anomally - he joined when he had problems at Spurs & Bad boys- he turned his game around when he joined the Bulls= Golden State natural team like the bulls

  • yonis badar
    yonis badar

    but damian lillard deadass scores 10 points in the first 3 quarters and goes off for 25 in the last quarter

  • Andrew Brown
    Andrew Brown

    And now the supernets

  • Kern Matthews
    Kern Matthews

    Lol so clutch is a myth dude miss me with that shit

  • slappyfist63

    Clutch moments doesn't mean the 4th quarter not to me anyway. I would agree maybe the last 5 minutes but more than that it's buzzer beaters or the last 30 seconds

  • Big Boy Jeff
    Big Boy Jeff

    MJ's blind free throws had me sitting outside eyes closed for weeks trying to hit a free throw without looking

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