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  • explainyouandme

    You should try to get invited to the celebrity game.

  • Dan

    what he doesn't tell you about 7:26 is the reason it was protested, a ref gave both a player and the coach from the nets 3 technicals each, meaning something that strange caused the also strange outcome

  • Hunter Byrd
    Hunter Byrd

    I don’t think anyone is mentioning that if women want to have the same amount of pay the views have to be the same. Revenue for the NBA in 2018 was 8.6 billion dollars. So maybe if women think they deserve the same pay the revenues should be the same right? No, WNBA produced a whopping 60 million dollars in 2018, not enough enough to pay lebrons full contract. Like how are you going to say you deserve equal pay when the company u work for can’t do the same because the profits just aren’t there and then blaming the men who play for these companies as the ones holding them back?

  • UberAV

    New CHINBA = new mob refereeing. The problem is not really the refereeing, it is the broadcast package. The entire game has been sanitized. I live in Philly and went to many games in the past and have totally lost interest despite the season they're having. I'm not one to boycott companies whose products I really like. I have just lost interest. I saw this coming when Steve Kerr and Adrian Wojnarowski were getting all those inside scoops as Yahoo columnists 20 years ago. The NBA has been in the red bag for a long time and they've altered their methods to please the Sino sensors. Chinese people love the NBA but the mob that runs everything there has peculiar views about refereeing, replays and player interaction on the court. It's become dull & the authorities demanding this are likely enjoying what they're doing to U.S. sports. It's a form of cultural warfare what the NBA has allowed them to do to the sport. Shame Adam Silver. Shame Adam Silver. Shame Adam Silver. Shame Adam Silver. Shame Adam Silver. Shame Adam Silver. Shame Adam Silver. Shame Adam Silver. Shame Adam Silver. Shame Adam Silver.

  • Diego Mills
    Diego Mills

    If you watched this video when it came out, it was Jordan. If you’re watching this video NOW, it’s Lebron. He has passed him and is still not even done playing.


    Great video ... thanks.. 😊

  • The White Pony
    The White Pony

    Did he really say GREG Ehlo? It's Craig man, CRAIG!

  • Larka Tiamoír
    Larka Tiamoír

    dont know where i had read it.............but it went like this, " Racism is a western construct for the sole purpose of supporting the transition of african slave trade descendants from a racist stand point to dignified citizens." i mean think about it..........aint that feels true? middle eastern and asian jokes still get thru.............no one calls "racism" on those jokes :)

  • AF B
    AF B

    Drazen P used to take step back and shoot but not steps back as of today.

  • Stanley Drysdale
    Stanley Drysdale

    I just have no interest if there's no sportsmanlike conduct.. to me it's just.. whatever..

  • J R
    J R

    Is this seriously a conversation? Shaq literally said im not going to let him dunk on me so Shaq fouled MJ...this is why Shaq comments on games and MJ runs his own company. Shut the fuck up Shaq.

  • Renjolo Bagunu
    Renjolo Bagunu


  • s2647 18665
    s2647 18665

    The vast difference in what a "old head" sees with todays nba is that there is no one protecting the the middle anymore. One video isn't going to change anyone's mind. It's a nice attempt dude but as a fan of earlier basketball, it was tough watching this without cringing.

  • sam gonzales
    sam gonzales

    Who’s here after mpj is scoring crazy

  • alpine climb
    alpine climb

    Michael Jordan is basketball.

  • Brian Bujanda
    Brian Bujanda

    Gotta love the consistency of LeBron lol

  • lalala lalala
    lalala lalala

    Racist remarks left and right from Black people, but the moment it's about Black people cities gets burned down. We Asians don't let racism get to us.

  • Richard Brancaleone
    Richard Brancaleone

    Me: I forget where this guys is from. Video: 2:38 Me: Thanks

  • Matthew Richards
    Matthew Richards

    in the words of joker, you get what you fucking deserve

  • RAM124

    We’re really gonna act like high school Bron wouldn’t have lit these dudes up? Cmon..

  • Michael Rose
    Michael Rose

    Is pretty good...

  • DeVonte Berthea
    DeVonte Berthea

    And basketball back then was way better I don't even watch the NBA now a bunch of soft ass players like really if you poke me I get fouled on some lame shit

  • DeVonte Berthea
    DeVonte Berthea

    And I miss how the NBA used to be bring back trash talking bring back a real defense

  • Jack Graye
    Jack Graye

    I didn’t see Michigan once in this whole vid it has me big sad

  • Shao Yang
    Shao Yang

    You were a pro for a reason. Just because you can beat some athletic dudes at the y doesn’t mean you’re anybody lol

  • Arthur Fidas
    Arthur Fidas

    How does Wilt’s 100 point game translate in terms of game score?

  • John Rife
    John Rife

    Yao makes his meme face everytime.

  • joseph


  • C&S LivestockLLC
    C&S LivestockLLC

    If there were a double thumbs up, I’d like like hit that ....

  • Dietrich Williams
    Dietrich Williams

    Like I've told folk's fa year's, Wilt is the greatest basketball player, that will ever play the game!!!

  • TheLegends x88
    TheLegends x88

    Oh god um like 0.2 points per season

    • TheLegends x88
      TheLegends x88

      It would be like how I played with people who were 5 yrs older than me and I played in the reck league...... I scored 2 points (1basket) the whole season

  • TheLegends x88
    TheLegends x88

    oh god um like 0.2 points per season

  • SNiper Aguilar
    SNiper Aguilar

    The last player who hasn’t played and it happen to be the ceo.. wake up. Shit was set up

  • SNiper Aguilar
    SNiper Aguilar

    After watching all this content it is straight obvious that MJ let him score the first two buckets. Didn’t play no defense. Just bucket he swatted really early with no force and let him score. Second bucket he didn’t even jump in reality.. plus I’m sure he paid a great amount for this exhibition. So no he didn’t beat Mike

  • Mehdi Hanifi
    Mehdi Hanifi

    MJ solo stand at the top or with kobe ,how could LB better than KB the hell are u talking about

  • Alessandro

    Julius Randle is now leading Knicks to the playoffs

  • Stan Ariyev
    Stan Ariyev

    Good analysis, but I also think the drop in viewership is due to the NBA allowing the players to get political, instead of simply playing the game.

  • meeu

    BSHIT LIST. putting lbj with mj and kobe at 2 . and bird kareem at 3. really?

  • tyrus 08
    tyrus 08

    If your looking for a team player someone to run the ball with the court savy of knowing where everyone is, it's The Bird all day. If you want a one on one, one dimensional throw me the ball, well take your pick.

  • Alex Purol
    Alex Purol

    AI was 6ft tho

  • Van Johnson
    Van Johnson

    L.bais was good in college.r.i.p.may2021.

  • Ethan Gumpert
    Ethan Gumpert

    If the mvp doesn’t cover those things than it’s a dumb award

  • L Nash
    L Nash

    R.I.P. L.B. #301 #Terps 🤙

  • uruglytoo

    china guys huh. these africa guys need to show some respect since China now owns Africa.

  • Karol Nowak
    Karol Nowak

    MJ....simply the beat ever played

  • Aaron Jett
    Aaron Jett

    Dude thinks Kevin Durant coming off of the bench is a crime. He had not proved himself at all! You should to that for all unproven talent!

  • Baller Analysis
    Baller Analysis

    _That high school basketball 🏀 player was a FOOL!_

  • kev docks
    kev docks

    Wilt is the 🐐

  • Geo Ploma
    Geo Ploma

    So on the one hand 14 secs b4 the end Barkley is doubled teamed and finds a perfect pass to the top of the key creating unbalance but for some reason the teammate does not shoot and on the other Pippen creates unbalance and finds the unguarded Horace who then finds paxson and scores. Please elaborate how one thing is genius and the other is not? Because a third player scored?Not a good argument

  • Marc Pylkki
    Marc Pylkki

    Chris Paul is not an all time great. He’s never won anything

  • Ennio

    Wilt best imi

  • A R
    A R

    They wont tell you Pippen slept with Rodman.

  • GloryToGlorzo

    If some white prodigy came in the league, he would catch so much racism. Black NBA players act so high-road, until they encounter someone better. It's literally the black communities biggest achievement to be good athletes. Sad.

  • Russell St.Martin
    Russell St.Martin

    Idk that using Michael Jordan of all players as an example of what was considered a foul is a generalizable metric for an era. Like Magic Johnson said at the Olympics "You can't get too close to [him], or it's a foul".

  • Andros Forever
    Andros Forever

    Dude is just a winner, no matter what he does. Props!

  • kirk lamb
    kirk lamb

    Sad part is Wilt was done basically done before any of these guys came along. Would love to see him play in his prime against anybody the last 30 years. I like his quote about who is the goat and he says " Him at his prime and Michael at his prime, Who would you put your money on"?? I think it may take a minute but Wilt would win!!

  • Madison Fox
    Madison Fox

    Iv experience racism we went to the Zoo for Christmas lights we didn’t know the train tickets were free we were in front of two black gentleman’s the lady is also black she told them the tickets were free but she told us the tickets cost 10 dollars mom didn’t noticed until the end Iv smiled at her while she charged us because we were white black people owned black slaves just like my Irish ancestors were slaves too my other ancestors were German and Hitler treated them like dirt other race owned other race too I don’t judge the Hitlers family because it’s not there fault

  • Jack O
    Jack O

    I’m beating jerry west no cap

  • Jimbalaya

    To be fair, that 2020 rockets team could've been dominate with a actual defensive center instead of throwing PJ at Anthony Davis For 43 minutes and praying he doesn't die of exhaustion

  • Foreign_maddogma Morris
    Foreign_maddogma Morris

    Gotta be steph seen 3 defender's try and stop him and still couldnt do it

  • Foreign_maddogma Morris
    Foreign_maddogma Morris

    Steph for sure hardest unguardable asl

  • Matthew G
    Matthew G

    Naw Kobe the best

  • Somer Himpson
    Somer Himpson

    Yo he should do one on Anthony Edwards

  • Franek Smith
    Franek Smith

    Love D Rose but Lebron was his daddy even before the injury, they weren’t beating Prime LBJ, DWade and Bosh.

  • Tony Classified
    Tony Classified

    If an alien race like avatar bodies came for our resources but liked basketball and said will give you one chance to save everyone with a 1 on 1 match. Aliens will resurrect any player in there prime and the world gets to vote. I guarantee you micheal will be representing us😁

  • Andrew Brink
    Andrew Brink

    Magic fan here. I KNEW IT WAS GOING TO BE THE ‘95 ROCKETS AT NUMBER ONE. How the hell did they beat Penny and Shaq in the finals man...

  • spooney games
    spooney games

    I think kyrie cuz that man can break a whole starting 5

  • brewersnagiin

    i’m 15 and my vert is a 35.

  • Jon948


  • xPrinceSorax

    Jordan truly has a angel watching over him the way he fell omg anyone else would have been done

  • mrawesomexyz

    It's no surprise that most basketball legends choose either somebody they played against or somebody they idolized growing up. Some of these analysts put Jordan at #1 but leave LeBron out of their top 10, which shows how much they are stuck in the past. Any unbiased person today will agree that LeBron and Jordan are 1 and 2 in some order, unless they believe Bill Russell or Wilt is the greatest

  • MultiLakerfan1

    The answer to keep it short is Lonzos rookie contract lol

  • James Bond
    James Bond

    Well, Kobe was 17 and playing against Michael Jordan. 16 isn't too far off from that, and Wilt was playing bricklayers and plumbers.

  • Brave Heart
    Brave Heart

    No can ever be like michael Jordan,,,

  • jledesmaf1

    Whiners, floppers can never be GOAT. Too bad LBJ

  • JME

    MJ watching this video: "I took it personally."

  • James Breen
    James Breen

    As a season ticket holder, I love this idea!

  • CliffVT

    Loved your voice man. Good video. MJ all the way….

  • Jason Isaac
    Jason Isaac

    Michael said he didn’t just want to beat you, he wanted to make you doubt your ability to play the game!

  • Adrian Knelsen
    Adrian Knelsen

    1k that disliked are the wannabes